Advanced technologies, which introduction guarantees you can gain maximum benefits from all infrastructural projects for optimal time and minimum resources
Social sustainable future of our Planet - through the application of smart and green technologies, making the world a cleaner and safer place to live
Our long-term practical experience and vast experimental base allows us to make new discoveries and create new intellectual products in a skillful way
ADGEX - is a modern high-tech company, developing breakthrough life-changing technological solutions
Having our own scientific school, we constantly develop and introduce key exponential technologies, opening new markets and drastically transforming current ones. Effectively integrating our technologies into a single sustainable platform, we create a new prosperous worldview, where each technological component becomes an integral part of a shared network, bringing new benefits and living standards to all people on Earth!

Factors of Technological Breakthrough

All technologies in history of the universe have evolved through the stages of S- curve: introduction stage, growth, maturity, decline and then all over again – introduction / growth / maturity etc. It takes years or even decades for a technology to reach the breaking point, i.e. the point of transition from the introduction phase to the active growth. This is the period, required for technology to evolve and mature and be able to enter the market under the most favorable conditions.

The growth strategy and technological superiority of ADGEX imply development of several exponential technological with constant generation of new scientific ideas and breakthrough solutions. All these aspects combined represent the groundwork of intellectual basis and intellectual property of ADGEX – the basis of the Company’s present and the future.


SustainableMe is a group of caring and ambitious people, ready to pursue their goals in making our Planet safer, greener and a better place to live!

Our philosophy is in a constant development and introduction of new disruptive technologies into large infrastructure projects. Not only do we minimize environmental pollution, but also remediate the environmental balance of our Planet.

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